"Education serves for delight,ornament and ability" Francis Bacon.

Education comes from the Latin ward "educare" meaning "to lead". The essence of education is about developing knowledge, skills and character. Going by this definition, an educated person is one who is aware about his surroundings and society as a whole. I feel that no education is worth its name if it is not value based as character is the foundation of education. Sharda Sarvhitkari Model Senior Secondary School is giving utmost importance to education along with traditional values.

The lessons are inculcated so that the future generation can brighten the future of the nation by growing into visiionaries who can foresee the significance of differentiating between right and wrong and move ahead with their righteous deeds and finally grow up into responsible, honest, compassionate and upright human beings.

Since its inception we are setting a track record based on quality facilites. Our mission is to challenge our selves to move beyond the status-quo and pursue higher levels of excellence with determination and enthusiasm, as well as realizing that both action and vision are nesessary for a better future. With the new education reforms being suggested and implemented by the Government of India, the need of the hour is progressive education. Some common qualities of the form of education deals with de-emphasis on textbooks in favour of varied learning resources, stress on learning resources, stress on learning by doing, hands on projects and more importance to problem and critical thinking. We are implementing the same in our curriculum, focusing more on holistic education rather than only on bookish knowledge. Group work and development of social skills are of primary importance here.

I am a firm believer that students should be the catalysts for the changes that they want to see. I would like to quote Gandhi Ji here, "Strength does not come from Physical Capacity, It comes from an indomitable will".

I always say that leading this prestigious institution has given me immense satisfaction and pleasure. I wish the school all success and glory in the coming years. I shall always cherish the blessing of the members of the management, the best wishes of my dear colleagues and love of my students. I appeal to the old students to remain in touch with their alma mater and contribute their services for the betterment of the school.

"Patience and perseverance overcome mountains."
Gandhi Ji